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Nolan and Kisu Lam

“BCBA’s generosity and commitment to the special needs community is unheard of. BCBA provides weekly private coaching sessions at no cost to children who have a wide range of developmental disabilities including autism and Down syndrome.More than 30 children participate regularly in the program. We know of no other public or private provider of services to the special needs community who offers regular on-going services at zero cost.

“Aside from teaching these children how to bat, catch, and throw competitively (which, in most cases, is no small feat because of the children’s motor skills issues), BCBA’s coaches teach the boys and girls general life skills such as taking direction, focusing, practicing safety, and strategizing. The coaching that our son has received from BCBA has enabled him to play successfully for the past two years on a Pony League team with non-special needs boys. That has been gratifying, but even more gratifying has been seeing how his weekly coaching sessions have contributed to his social development outside of baseball.

“BCBA has briefed its special needs families on BCBA’s Rancho Grande Baseball Camp Project, and in particular, BCBA’s plans for special needs children at the Camp. We urge you to approve the project so that BCBA may continue with its mission of improving the development of all of the children that BCBA serves.”